It’s no surprise that people are reluctant to sign up for information that could potentially change their daily lives in a positive way. It’s our inherent fear of solicited sales emails, better known as SPAM, that stops us from signing up for the right notifications. There was a time when spam filters didn’t exist and we we forced to wave through the junk before we could comfortably read real messages. Technological advancements have limited torturous spammers from bombarding us with pitches for products we have no use for.

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Our opinion on spam is: We hate it as much as everyone else! We find it to be pointless, in fact. When you overload someone’s inbox, pressuring them into buying your products, it will only have the opposite impact. When you’re as confident in your services as we are, spam in unnecessary. We don’t want our emails trashed as unread. We also take pride in not being a bothersome Corporation.

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We choose to combat spam with transparency. We’re generous in providing information on the services we provide and who we offer them to. Our patent-pending Recorded Employee Filing System (R.E.F.S.™), also referred to as Electronic Employment Verification™ is available exclusively to employers and their Human Resources staff. We are not a credit reporting agency and do not maintain consumer accessible files. However, individuals are more than welcome to navigate our website to gain an understanding of who we are and what we do.

Again, there are infamous spammy companies who have figured out ways to worm around filters, but we are not one of those companies and never will be. Outside of normal account notifications and extremely focused notifications (such as account statuses, product launches, changes to privacy policies etc), you will not be bombarded by us.

Of course, we do care for each and every U.S. based employer and want you to know that we have not forgotten about you. So, if you visit our site, request more information, or create login credentials, the most we will drop is a friendly reminder here and there with useful information. Each and every email will contain an unsubscribe link that you can click to stop receiving emails from us. We honor unsubscribe requests as ethically as subscribe requests. No one wants to build a relationship with a spammer, an overzealous sales company, or an unresponsive one. We’ve made it a point not to be any of those.

You’ve made the right choice so far in seeing what it is we’re about. Our new and improved website and Subscriber Portal will be launching soon! If you wish to be notified, let us know below.